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What is graphene?

Graphene is today considered the revolutionary material of the future by many specialists. It consists of carbon, an extremely thin layer of graphite and has the thickness of an atom, to give you an idea, it is a million times thinner than a human hair.

This material has extraordinary properties, in practice graphene is the strongest, most waterproof, lightest and thinnest material in existence, as well as being a great conductor of electricity to get an idea of ​​your potential, graphene is 100 times more efficient as an electric conductor compared to silicon and stronger than diamond.

Research on the possibilities of using graphene has leapfrogged, promising to be a technological revolution, which proves useful in an unlimited number of uses.

Unique properties of graphene


Conducts 1000x the electric current density compared to copper. It conducts heat 10x rather than copper


200x stronger than structural steel


You can flex 20% without damage


97.3% Transparent

2 Dimensions

Each layer has an atom of thickness, which provides exclusive electrical and computational properties

Economic Potential &


Graphene can have a great impact on our future by changing the field of:


Graphene is currently being tested by researchers and the following applications are being considered.

Engineering possibilities can be limitless, making everything smaller, stronger and more ecologically sustainable.

    Grapheneum will contribute to the evolution of research and development of new applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quão flexível é o grafeno?

O grafeno pode ser usado no desenvolvimento de tecnologia futura e pode ser a chave para a criação de eletrônicos flexíveis. A flexibilidade do grafeno pode ser usada em tecnologias emergentes, como computadores de rollerball, roupas sensíveis ao calor e smartphones flexíveis.

How flexible is graphene?

Graphene has the highest thermal conductivity known to man. But how can we take advantage of this and what can be used? Possibilities include sportswear, which away from the bodies of the athletes. It can also be used for CPU cooling, which means that electronic graphene devices will in general be more energy efficient.

What are the benefits of graphene transparency?

Graphene has many surprising properties that can be exploited to aid in the development of future technology. Graphene is transparent, which means we could see the televisions embedded in the  windows and satellite navigators embedded in the windscreens of cars in the future of electronics.

How thin is graphene?

One of the most dynamic properties of graphene is its very thin thickness. With just one atom thick, graphene is one million times thinner than the diameter of a human hair. Its thickness allows it to be extremely flexible and conduct heat and electricity fantastically well. The thickness of graphene lends itself perfectly to the development of future technology. Its high conductivity makes it perfect for cooling CPU and creating more efficient technology.

How can it be used to treat cancer?

The high surface area of graphene allows us to carry even more medicine on the surface of the graphene than the current materials used. This will help in the development of cancer treatment, helping to reduce the effects of more invasive cancer treatments. Graphene can help the medicine to move quickly through the body and be able to attack the cancer cells more effectively.

How harmful is graphene?

We look at how graphene is potentially harmful to our body. Graphene is carbon and carbon is found inside the human body. However, all nanomaterials must be rigorously tested. We looked at whether graphene is harmful and how it can affect us when used for things like biomedicine.

How strong is graphene?

Graphene is the strongest material known to man. It is more than 200 times stronger than steel. The strength of graphene could be used in composites and coatings for applications in areas such as aerospace and automotive industries.

How can graphene be used in electronics?

Graphene can be used for various current devices, but what does graphene mean for the next generation of technology? It will revolutionize everything we know and change humanity.

How can graphene be used in biomedicine?

Graphene has many amazing properties that can be used for biomedical applications, making graphene an extremely attractive material. Graphene can potentially be used to change the behavior of the cells, used to aid in wound healing and aid delivery of medicine.

What are the thermal properties of graphene?

Graphene has the highest thermal conductivity known to man. But how can we take advantage of this and what can be used? Possibilities include sportswear, which away from the bodies of the athletes. It can also be used for CPU cooling, which means that electronic graphene devices will in general be more energy efficient.

What is the conductivity of graphene?

High conductivity of graphene and its unlimited applications. Graphene can lead to electricity still better than copper, and this offers endless applications of graphene, including inks and conductive inks, state-of-the-art electronics and more efficient batteries.

How can graphene be used on airplanes?

Graphene can be used in aviation, there are many benefits and possibilities that graphene long and short-term aircraft, such as improving the carbon inside the wings. This can help prevent water from entering the wings, which increases the weight of the aircraft.

It can also be used to measure the tension in the wings to find out if there is any damage. Replacing the copper wiring and copper heating coils could also reduce the weight on the wings, which could prevent ice from being built on the wings. Ultimately, replace the Carbon fiber on the wings is the ultimate goal, however, this can be a long design which may be at least 20 years apart.

What is graphene ink?

Graphene ink is similar to other types of traditional ink. Ink is just one of several protective coatings that use the impermeability of graphene to harmful substances, in order to protect the material from below. Coating the hull of a ship, for example, could make it impervious to rust. Looking to the future, there is the possibility of adding conducting graphene to the roofs as a way of conducting energy and feeding the house.

How can graphene help in desalination?

Graphene can be used to help turn contaminated water into potable water - desalination. Graphene-based membranes can be modified to have many tiny pores or spaces, which means that harmful molecules can be blocked or filtered. Filtering dirty water in clean water in real time is one of the potentials that graphene for the future of technology.

What are graphene membranes?

Membranes can be made from graphene oxide, which is a form of graphene. Learn how graphene oxide flakes come together to form a laminate that small spaces capable of blocking gas molecules, including smaller of the gas molecules, the helium. Treatments can be added to blocking gases or liquids, which opens up many possibilities, including clean water processing, improved anti-corrosion paint and smart food.

How can graphene improve the batteries?

Despite the miniaturization and energy demands of modern electronics, the battery technology is behind. Modern lithium-ion batteries slow loading times and a relatively short service life. Graphene can be incorporated into battery technology to increase considerably its efficiency. Improved batteries with graphene would be much lighter and could replace existing lithium-ion batteries, especially in sectors such as aerospace, where weight is important - reducing this reduces fuel consumption. Improved batteries with graphene can also lead to personal storage of portable energy.

What is a graphene supercapacitor?

A supercapacitor is a device that can store energy. It can be quickly loaded and unloaded, making it different from a battery, which takes much longer to charge. Due to the unique characteristics of the graphene material, such as its conductivity, its high surface area, mechanical strength and flexibility, is considered a ideal material to incorporate into supercapacitors. There is a wide range of possible applications for graphene supercapacitors, from portable electronics such as mobile phones, electric vehicles and even distribution of electricity at a network scale.

Grapheneum Network

About the project

Our goal is to contribute to new technologies which will make the planet more sustainable and efficient in several sectors.

We want to accelerate and be part of the technological evolution, with the development of research for this incredible material, graphene.
There are many researches with nanochips, headphones, salt water filtration, touchscreen and bionic devices, aerospace, naval, military, battery development, electric car technology, solar panels, wind turbines and blades, vehicle fairings, paints , wellness and health, components and parts all derived from graphene. Such experiments and studies have influenced the creation of Grapheneum.

Grapheneum will allocate part of its funds to graphene research and develop a Blockchain-based platform geared towards integrating physical and scientific project enthusiasts, seek investors to accelerate and help develop solutions for sustainable exploitation, accelerate research, and lower production costs using graphene.

The initiative has partners, teachers, researchers, enthusiasts, scientists and educational units that could use the Grapheneum platform. The platform counts on creation of events, forum of debate, creation of community, crowdfunding and smart contract.

Voting System

The Platform has a voting system with records based on the Project Blockchain, the module will be available so that members of the community can vote and graphene research.

Members can also create their own incentive and use the votes to assign tokens to specific and multiple wallets.

Token Information

Simbolo: GPH
Token price : 0,17 USD
Decimals: 18
Max potential supply: 500,000,000 GPH
Max circulating supply: 450,000,000 GPH

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Token Distribution

55% Development
15% Operations
10% Marketing, Employees and Legal Expenses
10% Research and incentives
10% of legal reserve
Possible Integrations

& Exchange

Participate in this incredible technological evolution!

Possible Integrations

& Wallet

Grapheneum Roadmap

Q2 2018

- Token Creation
- Legal proof of concept
- Proof of technical concept

Q3 2018

- Pre-order Tokens
- Strategic Partnerships
- Validated technical requirements
- Marketing
- Legal and compliance structures

Q4 2018

- ICOs final period
- Complete GPH token distribution (pre-ICO investors)

Q1 2019

- Data set for initial models of I.A
- System architecture
- Potential partners / Integration with exchanges (beta)

Q2 2019

- Coverage of extra operational costs
- Exchange legal framework

Q3 2019

- Grapheneum Beta Platform
- Forced network tests
- Network based on Blockchain GPH

Q4 2019

- Analyze the financing of projects with graphene
- Corporate partnerships
- List of partners for studies with graphene

Q1 2020

- Studies, integrations and guidelines for the sustainable use of natural resources

Q2 2020

- Complete implementation of the ecosystem
- Distribution of support for research and development
- Voting system

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